Category: Sculpture

Holly Wheatcroft: Axis Mundi

Chevron 1, 2011 and Chevron 2, 2011 wood, linen, leather, oil, steel 74 x 13 x 9″ (each) Holly Wheatcroft’s kinetic sculptures feature wooden shapes covered in linen and oil, arranged vertically to spin around a central pole.   As the shapes move and turn, the viewer is encouraged […]

Rachel Foullon’s Wall: Rescued from a Barn

Rachel Foullon’s solo exhibition at ltd los angeles is a mind-boggling combination of 35 layered and entangled clusters of found materials and fabrics, including old ropes, frayed electrical cords, cracked garden hoses and other out-of-use items gutted from an old cow barn in upstate New York. –Cluster X, […]

Frans Muhren’s Joyful Painted Metals

Frans Muhren of Amsterdam likes working in contradictions.  The results are a joy to behold. -Sitting Mummy (green-rust), metal -Four Legs, Four Profiles, metal -Silhouettes, metal sculpture -Dead Men Walking, plastic, moulded skulls on moulded legs -Streamer 2, iron -Corporate Identity I, three painted neckties in the wind, […]

The Critically Acclaimed Whimsy of Los Carpinteros

The Havana-based art collective Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters) has created some of the most important work to emerge from Cuba in the past decade. The duo merges architecture, design, and sculpture in unexpected and often humorous ways, as in these examples of their work. Los Carpinteros website, here. […]