Category: Sculpture

The Underwater Art of Jason DeCaires Taylor

The Museum of Underwater Modern Art is doing an important  job: helping to generate coral to convert the life-size sculptures of  British artist Jason deCaires Taylor into new artificial reefs.  The figures are slowly changing in appearance as marine life develops. The 400  forms, anchored 25 feet below […]

Kathy Ruttenberg: Tales of the Earth

Earth Day is appropriate timing for a look at ceramic artist Kathy Ruttenberg’s edgy sculptures. Her solo exhibition, The Earth Exhales, is on at Stux Gallery in New York through May 5. Ruttenberg’s tales in clay are enchanted, full of lush foliage, fantastical creatures and symbolic scenarios. ” […]

Surprises & Wonder: Megan Bogonovich

Megan Bogonovich says she tells stories in her ceramic sculptures, tales of “unusual growths, curious routes, unlikely pairings, strange predicaments, surprises and wonder, comfort in the unlikely.” “My sculptures combine naturalistic and abstracted imagery to suggest the possibility of the real and the imagined cohabitating, a whimsical reality.  […]

Sculpture: Tattooed Ballet Arms

Korean artist Min Jeong Seo molded these porcelain cast sculptures from the arms of professional ballet dancers. The pocelain arms in dancing position are painted with japanese Yakuza-style tattoo patterns. In the combination the two contrasting cliches open each other up. Like a real tattoo that lies under […]

Kathy Venter’s Terra Cottas

British Columbia-based Kathy Venter is internationally known for her life size ceramic sculptures. -Sun, terra cotta, gypsum cement & wood, 50x20x32″ She is currently working toward a major exhibition in 2013 at the prestigious Gardiner Museum of Contemporary Ceramics in Toronto, building upon her long-standing reputation for the […]

Mysteries in Handmade Paper & Wood

It’s difficult to categorize the works of  Isabelle Leduc:  “Neither completely paintings, nor sculptures . . . . perhaps masks, architectural fragments, shields, organic elements, pebbles and rocks, enigmatic botanical species, pictograms?” critic René Viau once wrote.  (Above: Glossaire, 2008, paper, wood and acrylic, 40,5 x 30 x […]