Category: Sketch & Draw

Group Project: An Endless Book

Natalie Ratkovski, a favorite illustrator and sketcher, oversees “An Endless Book,” her inspired group project for 2014.  It calls for one newly illustrated page/spread a week with the pages continued seamlessly so the illustration never stops. 

Valentine’s: The heart in love

Mexican illustrator Erika Kuhn has a way with hearts – but not in the romantic manner you might expect for Valentine’s Day.  She tells the truth about the heart in love, and exquisitely conveys the problems that afflict it.  The theme is constant in her beautifully executed Moleskines.

Rome Moleskines: Anita Davies

If you are not familiar with the work of British artist Anita Davies, you’re missing out.  She is an inventive sketcher who melds her Moleskines seamlessly into everyday life – including this series on a trip to Rome.  I am a long-time fan.

Gabriel Campanario: Drawn to Seattle

If you had any doubt that sketching is a mainline art, look to the Seattle Museum of History and Industry. The work of sketch artist Gabriel Campanario is on display through May in a creative exhibition that informs the city about its own great places, spaces and experiences.