Category: Sketch & Draw

Gabriel Campanario: Drawn to Seattle

If you had any doubt that sketching is a mainline art, look to the Seattle Museum of History and Industry. The work of sketch artist Gabriel Campanario is on display through May in a creative exhibition that informs the city about its own great places, spaces and experiences.

Reflecting on Nelson Mandela’s Art

I posted this as Nelson Mandela lingered in hospital in July, as tributes to his influence as a freedom fighter poured into South Africa. He is gone now (1918-2013) and his global role remains the focus. But there is less acknowledgement of his remarkable art.  In 2002, he […]

Tony Fitzpatrick: Biker Clubs and Moths

These collages by Tony Fitzpatrick developed from his interest in biker clubs, which Fitzpatrick says “channel the pure rebellious side of human nature.”  He crafts each work to hold a world of information: his poetic take on a local legend, a historical figure, a creature of fascination to […]