Category: Sketch & Draw

Cephalopodoptera: GIFs

Serbian artist Vladimir Stankovic has created some new species in these animated illustrations in scientific style. His Cephalopodoptera series blends Octopus, squid, moths and beetles into fantasy creatures.  Nice GIFs.

Edward Cheverton: Musical Ecstasy

British illustrator Edward Cheverton remains a favorite.  I’ve posted about him before, but these new works are sublime. These first four are about “that moment in music where everything comes together and the listener enters a state of pure ecstasy.”  As you can tell from the other works […]

Sophie’s Sketchbooks

The variety of colors and shapes in these Moleskines reflect the wide scope of the work of  Sophie Leblanc, a French illustrator influenced by Art Nouveau and Japanese culture.  Just lovely. (Click image for a larger view)