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HOCKEY: Red, White & Go

If you’re Canadian, you’ll know instantly why I’m posting artist Brandy Saturley’s celebrated goalie mask (pictured at the Sports Hall of Fame).  National obsession.  Go Canada. Brandy Saturley’s website, here.

Jon Howlett: The Art of Skiing

I  happened to be in ski country  – although not in an area as challenging as Panorama, B.C., where Jon Howlett paints – when I thought of this transplanted British artist’s work.  His hyper-realistic acrylics wonderfully capture the magic of the ski hill, as well as the mountain […]

The Art of Hockey . . . Equipment

Toronto artist Liz Pead settled on broken hockey equipment and used jerseys when she went looking for “a truly Canadian material” for her works.  The landscape, hockey and the environment play large roles in how she expresses Canadian identity. (Above: Georgian Bay, 30 x 36″)

Elliott Wilcox: Climbing the Walls

Elliott Wilcox’s fascination with the leisure spaces of our world prompted a set of photographs of empty indoor climbing chambers for his series, Walls.   His lens transforms the artificial landscapes into abstract works of art. Elliott Wilcox is a London-based, British photographer, and a recent MA in photographic […]