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Arctic Wonderment

In this time-lapse footage, photographer Terje Sørgjerd’s Arctic Light reveals the power of a natural phenomenon that occurs 2-4 weeks before you can see the Midnight Sun. “The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of color and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours,” he […]

iPaint: Thijme Termaat’s viral video

If you haven’t yet seen this viral video, have a look.  Dutch artist Thijme Termaat (pronounced ‘tie-muh’ ‘tir-maat’) fills canvas after canvas in  stop-motion video as he works on his Ipaint project. The transitions are truly breathtaking. His online gallery of sometimes surrealistic paintings is also worth viewing.

Video Essay: Art of the Movies

    . Video Essay: This collection of  stunning movie clips is from Flavorpill.  A couple of weeks ago, it posed the question: What are the most beautiful movies ever made? and got hundreds of responses.  This 8-minute video essay covers shots  from their selections.   It’s a wonder […]

Rotating Letters, Flapping Noise

. Signal to Noise is a fascinating installation for Luminato 2012, an arts festival that begins in Toronto on June 8.  This work transforms random letters into legible words with a satisfying flapping sound emitted by its moving parts. Created by the Belgian artists LAb[au], it’s made of […]