Alex Andreyev: Digital Surrealism

There’s something almost comforting in the surreal art of Alex Andreyev, as if some of the normalcy of life today would be sustained in his imagined future worlds.   (Above: Late, Below: Crossing) I like the contrasts in Andreyev’s extensive fantasy portfolio, such as the near utopia called Trailing […]

W. Stephen Cooper: The Play of Light

W. Stephen Cooper’s photography is focused on the subtle play of light moving across the wilderness, showcasing the architecture of the land.  Passage to Great Hall (above) is from a series on Hidden Passages, from the slot canyons of Arizona, captured in traditional fine-grain black and white. Saguaro […]

Jenny Okun: Dreamscape Photo Art

Jenny Okun’s stunning photo art is on exhibit at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, California, a display of her exquisite digitally manipulated multiple exposures. Okun’s extensive travels provide continuing inspiration for her work. English garden mazes become even more twisted into strange Alice in Wonderland curiosities – […]

Alexey Luka: Graffiti to Canvas & Collage

Moscow-based Alexey Luka began as a graffiti writer 10 years ago, and today has emerged as a stylish abstract and mixed-media artist who still uses walls, but relies more on found wood panels and canvas. Luka is an illustrator and graphic designer, with shows such as Faces & […]