Amanda McCavour: Dissolving Fabric

Amanda McCavour’s thread drawings are created on a sewing machine,  sewn into a fabric that then dissolves in water,  leaving just thread.  The intricate, detailed textile work flows from her interest in “the vulnerability of thread,  its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.” […]

Michael Hosaluk: Stories in Wood

Michael Hosaluk, an internationally known artist based in Saskatchewan, tells stories in innovative wood work, ranging from functional vessels and furniture, to highly decorative sculptural pieces  (Above: Bowl of Strange Fruit) From the series I’m a Little Teapot, wood, acrylic paint, copper, horsehair; 7″h x 7- l/4″diameter My […]

Bennett: Witty Surrealism

If you’re a fan of ultra-creative digital photography, you may already know about Bavaria-based Chris Bennett, whose work is as witty as it is surreal.   (Above: Giraffe Bird, from his Circus Animalia portfolio) Hannibal, from the Fables & Myths series. Of Viescheid (Return of the herds from […]

Elesavet Lawson’s Moody Textures

Elesavet Lawson’s illustrations are a complex mix of mood and texture. This award-winning Toronto-based artist’s work has appeared in everything from symphony programs to books and magazines. (Above: Adam & Eve) Running Water Together Pisces You had said, don’t leave me, and I begged you not to leave […]

Mark Lang: Paintings as Props

Mark Lang’s paintings play on the history of art, using paintings as integral props. “The onlooker has a special sense that the museum gallery site is itself the spectacle and we are all just players on this stage,” says critic John K. Grande. There is art in Lang’s […]