Coming Out: The Shifting Self

Sarah Biscarra-Dilley is one of the artists an a group exhibition called Emnowaangosjig – Coming Out: The Shifting and Multiple Self at Toronto Free Gallery. Emnowaangosjig is the Anishnaabe translation of the term “coming out,” and the show confronts stereotypes of what it means to exist as an […]

Rotating Letters, Flapping Noise

. Signal to Noise is a fascinating installation for Luminato 2012, an arts festival that begins in Toronto on June 8.  This work transforms random letters into legible words with a satisfying flapping sound emitted by its moving parts. Created by the Belgian artists LAb[au], it’s made of […]

Jeff Molloy: Cultural Icons

Jeff Molloy is a painter and sculptor working mostly in assemblage. He focuses on the cultural symbols of Canada such as hockey sweaters, Hudson’s Bay blankets, even portraits of  prime ministers wearing lumber jackets or buckskins.  Often, the symbols are hanging, familiar but slightly surreal. I create multidimensional […]

Dale Chihuly’s Seattle Colors

Glass sculptor Dale Chihuly’s new exhibition center beneath Seattle’s Space Needle has generated exceptional color images over the last 10 days.  The 45,000-square-foot Garden and Glass Museum is a permanent home for the work of the controversial American artist.   You can read more about the museum here and […]

Delorme: Manipulated Totems

French photographer Alain Delorme is a rising star, someone to watch closely. He was selected for the prestigious West Collection, picked as one of only 7 international artists to be featured in an exhibition from an online competition that attracted 2,650 artists from 80 countries. These images are […]