Zilberberg: Who is Alice?

Alice Zilberberg explores femininity through the image composites she creates of women characters in folklore, mythology and art history, especially in this dark series called the Death of Happily Ever After.  It’s part of Who is Alice, her solo show at Bezpala Brown Gallery in Toronto this month. […]

Art of the Safety Vest

Belgian-born artist Anne-Mie Melis created this sculpture from reflective safety vests. Called “Sentinel (Flash Photography is Encouraged)” it was done for Rhod 2012, held at a mill in Melin Glonc, Wales, to foster dialogue between rural and urban artists. Her work explores the visual nature of plants and […]

Jeff Koegel: A Contemporary Edge

Jeff Koegel’s architectural style paintings have an appealing contemporary edginess.  His work draws from a range of models such as Byzantine icon painting, Aboriginal art, American folk art, high modernism, technical schematics, tattoos and Ikebana. (Above: Penthouse) “Making a painting is a process about building, layer over layer,” […]

The Intrigue of Fibre, Fabric & Found Objects

Alice Vander Vennen works with multiple found materials – fabric, branches, wire, copper, paper and ceramic shards – as part of a visual language suggesting a story.  (Above: The Archer’s Dance, 25″ x 50″; found and new fabrics, hand-carved wood, sinew, copper wire, found objects) Left: Memory Stick,  […]

Dear Teacher: Art of the Letter

Elfie Kalfakis, a designer, teacher and artist, has put together a great mail art project offering the opportunity to express feelings which often go unsaid between students and their teachers. Her Dear Teacher blog posts these anonymous letters to teachers who made a difference (or not). Kalfakis recently […]