Preserving hand-set type and woodcuts

The Ohio-based design team of Sara and Bobby Rosenstock focuses on woodcuts and printing, using old type from local antique shops to preserve the traditional crafts of hand-setting type and carving wood. Called Just a Jar, they also do brand identity and packaging.  See more posters and other […]

Lori Nix: Miniature Dioramas

These scenes of a post-apocalyptic world are by photo-artist Lori Nix, who meticulously constructs three-dimensional miniature dioramas by hand, and captures the images using a large-format film camera. (Above: Circulation Desk ) Church, chromogenic print, 40 x 50″ Mall,  40  x 57″ Bar, 40 x 55″ Beauty Shop, […]

Wijnanda Deroo’s New York Eateries

Wijnanda Deroo does interiors – restaurants, bedrooms, the insides of public buildings, homes, factories, hotels. Her evocative series, Inside New York Eateries, at Robert Mann Gallery, was an important addition to the photographic history of New York. Some are well-known icons. (Above: Relish, 225 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn) The […]

How Not To Rebrand the Great White North

. Please pay close attention.  This is kind of complicated.  And irritating.  A Toronto-based international design firm has taken on an assignment from WNYC Studio 360 in New York to (are you ready?) redesign Canada. Bruce Mau Design created the campaign to change the country’s image by teaching […]

Painting the Movies: John Abrams

Canadian artist John Abrams translates the screen onto canvas, where he paints recreations of famous scenes – from seduction and love to mystery and terror.  (Above: North by Northwest, Bus – 2011) In his series Painting Hitchcock, for instance, Abrams excerpts psychologically gripping scenes from a variety of the […]

A Twist on Flags for the 4th of July

I love this contemporary twist on the Stars & Stripes as a celebration of the 4th of July, from Artspace. These flags are part of a series by interdisciplinary artist Warren Neidich, whose disruptions of the flag are meant to alter the perception of a beloved icon.  (Above: […]