Claude Cormier’s Pink Balls

Les Boules Roses by Claude Cormier and Associates was created using 200,000 resin balls which create a canopy that stretches over 1 kilometre through Montreal. It’s the second year the landscape architect has installed Pink Balls as part of Aires Libres, an arts festival that turns over a […]

David Burdeny: Haunting & Meditative

Winnipeg-born David Burdeny’s architecture and design degrees influence his compelling photographs, including these from his latest series, Traverse.  He started to photograph the prairie landscape at age 12, making his own black and white prints in a makeshift darkroom.  Primarily self-taught, he produces works that have been described […]

A Surreal Do-it-Yourself World

Eli Gabriel Halpern paints a do-it-yourself, back-to-basics world where people build their own homes, fish when they’re hungry, and make clothing out of scraps of carpets, blankets, window shades, and other found objects.  He’s on exhibit at Sue Scott Gallery in New York.  (Above: They Set Off, 2012 […]

The Family as a Wild Adventure

Julie Blackmon photographs scenes she carefully orchestrates with members of her own family, saturated with the “fantasies and realities of domesticity.” Her works cover the sacred moments and wild adventures of a large tribe.  She is superb at communicating the mythic attributes of a family along with the […]

Susan Dobson: An eye for alienation

Canadian photo-based artist Susan Dobson covers suburban culture, architecture, and landscape in a portfolio that takes on everything from the rising moon to toy-strewn basements.  Her sharp observations on urban development and alienation have brought her international recognition.  (Above: Flight Path, from the series Dislocation) End of the […]