National Ballet: The Tutu Project

Costume designer Alex Gilbert created this tutu out of treated paper bags, in the mode of  The Paper Bag Princess, the beloved children’s tale by Canadian storyteller Robert Munsch. It’s one of 60 made by artists, designers and the community for The Tutu Project, a celebration of the […]

Alex Spinney: Birdface

This face is hard to ignore.  Alex Spinney’s large-scale portraits of birds in oils include chickens, peacocks and numerous owls.  This one, though, is as compelling as any painted bird I’ve seen.  Those eyes.

‘Dust, Dirt & Dingy Weeds’

Swedish artist Anna Camner rides the line between botanical and fantastical in these works of natural magic. She is on exhibit in Dust, Dirt & Dingy Weeds at Faggionato Fine Art in London through early July. “Painting in oil on board, Camner primes it in solid black, graduating […]

You, Me & The Mouse on the Moon

California artist Souther Salazar’s densely layered universes are on exhibit at Narwhal Projects in a show called You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon), his first solo exhibition at the Toronto gallery. Salazar works in painting, drawing, sculpture and animation in a style that encourages dreaming. […]

Dubai: Abandoned

This series created by award-winning photographer Richard Allenby-Pratt illustrates a doomsday scenario for the United Arab Emirates when a cheap, clean hydrogen fuel is developed in 2017.  The oil-producing regions sink into chaos as oil drops below $10 a barrel. The scenes show zoo animals released into the […]

Papercuts: Laura Secord’s Marathon

If you’re Canadian, you’re likely familiar with Laura Secord, the Niagara housewife who ran 26 miles through enemy territory to warn the British and their aboriginal allies of an impending attack by American forces in the war of 1812.  Artist and designer Barbara Klunder, a Secord descendant, tells […]