Paul Rooms: Nautical Logbook

American-born Italian-based painter Paul Rooms does such beautiful, detailed work. These are from his nautical “Logbook” series. He also does opera, fairy tales and concept illustrations, all of them with puzzle-like intensity. This is a very small selection of Rooms’ work.  See more on Behance, here.

Anita Rocamora: An Ongoing Adventure

Saskatchewan artist Anita Rocamora says her work is an ongoing adventure of mind, imagination and hands, producing creations that are figurative, narrative and often humorous. -Wearing the Red Dress Mysteria Gallery says her exquisite figurative works “elicit feelings of joy, awareness, poetic whimsy and, most important, an intimate […]

Canoe Art: Ingrained in our Culture

It’s the time of year when it’s not unusual to see a canoe atop a car in workplace parking lots , this being the start of the full-throttle tripping season in Canada. The protected routes through famed Algonquin Park alone carry nearly a million paddlers a year.  In […]

Henry Ford’s eerie Amazon ghost town

The audacious Henry Ford, then the richest man in the world, built an American town in the middle of the Amazon in 1928 that was supposed to be a rubber plantation for his tires and car parts.  It was a 10,000-square-kilometre disaster, despite the cute houses, square dances […]

Panik & The ATG Gang in New York

Panik (Jack Murray) and other members of the famed British graffiti writers’ group ATG take their art to gallery walls in an exhibition called Silverlink at Klughaus  in New York. If you follow street art, you’re probably familiar with both ATG (Ahead’a The Game) and Silverlink, former name […]

Charming Soap Doll Story

Hayelin Choi created this detailed story to the music of Soap Doll, by the Korean group Carnival.  The candy pop tempo matches the lovely pace of her tale.   (Listen to the music on video, end of this post) Choi is a junior in illustration at the School […]