Magdolene Dykstra’s Burdened Figures

Magdolene Dykstra’s ceramic figures have captured considerable attention as this artist’s craft has matured. Recently returned from a year-long residency in the U.K., she explores the conflict between hope and despair. Her childishly proportioned figures, often disturbing, bear the burdens of life’s griefs. (Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition / […]

Henrique Oliveira: Room-Filling Amazement

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira creates masterful (some say evolutionary) sculptural installations from scrap, pliable wood collected from construction sites in his native city of São Paulo. The huge structures combine the disciplines of painting, sculpture, and architecture, with broken pieces of plywood set in layers like brushstrokes. (Above: […]

The Mysteries of Alice Brasser

There’s something wonderfully mysterious about Alice Brasser’s paintings, from their composition, to the stories that come unprompted to a viewer’s mind. The Netherlands-based artist says she feels the need to transform reality, in particular with colors, which always seem just one degree off.  She has an uncanny ability […]

Tom Wesselmann: Beyond Pop Art

The retrospective Tom Wesselmann: Beyond Pop Art, on now in a Canadian exclusive at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts through Oct. 7, 2012, is the first time this influential artist has had a major exhibition, despite his huge impact and widespread public recognition. The New York artist (1931-2004) […]

Holly Wheatcroft: Axis Mundi

Chevron 1, 2011 and Chevron 2, 2011 wood, linen, leather, oil, steel 74 x 13 x 9″ (each) Holly Wheatcroft’s kinetic sculptures feature wooden shapes covered in linen and oil, arranged vertically to spin around a central pole.   As the shapes move and turn, the viewer is encouraged […]