Elliott Wilcox: Climbing the Walls

Elliott Wilcox’s fascination with the leisure spaces of our world prompted a set of photographs of empty indoor climbing chambers for his series, Walls.   His lens transforms the artificial landscapes into abstract works of art. Elliott Wilcox is a London-based, British photographer, and a recent MA in photographic […]

Fiber Graffiti: Laura Ortiz Vega

I saw Laura Ortiz Vega’s fibre graffiti in Toronto a few months ago and her work is captivating.  She uses thread and a natural beeswax (cera de Campeche) on board to document the street art of Mexico City where she works. Some of her work was small street […]

Hungary: Desolation & Isolation

Documentary photographer Tamas Dezso offers a look at the desolation, and beauty, of the people and places left behind in Hungary’s 20-year transition out of Communism. (Above: Night Watchman, Budapest 2009) -Soviet Military Painting (Kiskunlachaza, 2012) The map of Hungary is speckled with capsules of time. During the […]

Jason Yarmosky: Battered Body, Vibrant Soul

Jason Bard Yarmosky used his 84-year-old grandparents as models for this discomfiting series on the intersection of the battered body and the vibrant soul.  His solo “Elder Kinder” exhibition opens this week at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York.  (Above: The Sound of Silence; Below: Ballet) Yarmosky’s works […]

The Underwater Art of Jason DeCaires Taylor

The Museum of Underwater Modern Art is doing an important  job: helping to generate coral to convert the life-size sculptures of  British artist Jason deCaires Taylor into new artificial reefs.  The figures are slowly changing in appearance as marine life develops. The 400  forms, anchored 25 feet below […]

Tony Calzetta: Abstract Funnies

Tony Calzetta’s distinctive language of bold, simplified forms blend color, texture and lines to create works that challenge the imagination.  Toronto’s De Luca Fine Art has a new collection of his large-scale canvasses and drawings on exhibition. “It was Paul Klee who wrote of taking a line for […]