Peter Gumpesberger: A Mood of Stillness

Peter Gumpesberger’s travels have yielded a series of arresting images set to go on exhibit and sale May 3 in Toronto. (Above: “There’s No Place Like Home” – Wai-iti, New Zealand). His images are often reflective and solitary and create a mood of serenity, stillness, reverence for nature, […]

Harry Enchin: Toronto Transformed

Harry Enchin merges images from the City of Toronto archives with contemporary shots of the same locale for a series of unique timescapes.  At the corner of King and Yonge (above), a Red Rocket streetcar noses past a news stand selling the defunct Toronto Evening Telegram. A mural […]

Matt Heide: Paintings to touch and feel

Matt Heide wants you to touch his art, scrape your fingers across its rough surfaces, play with it a bit. The Edmonton industrial artist produces Concrete Tactile Paintings, created to stimulate the sense of vision and touch.He combines the texture and depth of sculpture with the color and […]

Mariana Monteagudo: Not the Average Doll

Mariana Monteagudo’s latex, ceramic and mixed-media dolls reflect Latin American culture and show her attraction to Japanese manga and mass-market toys.  The Miami-based, Venezuelan artist has been creating the Munecas (dolls) for 15 years. Monteagudo opened a new show (Humanoid) at Galería El Museo, Bogotá, this month, running […]