Alex MacLean: Jarring and Beautiful

Alex MacLean chronicles life from above. From beaches to farms, airfields to subdivisions, the renowned aerial photographer and architect provides a unique – and sometimes jarring – look at the ground we live on.  (Above: Dinghies clustered around dock, Duxbury, Massachusetts) -Maria’s River drainage -From his series on […]

Gabriela Garcia-Luna: Wallpaper as Photo Art

Wallpaper in an old house in a Canadian prairie city provided the images for Gabriela Garcia-Luna’s latest photo art, on exhibit at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery. (Above: On the way to Newfoundland) The peeling paper in a house about to be renovated in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan suggested landscapes […]

Kathy Ruttenberg: Tales of the Earth

Earth Day is appropriate timing for a look at ceramic artist Kathy Ruttenberg’s edgy sculptures. Her solo exhibition, The Earth Exhales, is on at Stux Gallery in New York through May 5. Ruttenberg’s tales in clay are enchanted, full of lush foliage, fantastical creatures and symbolic scenarios. ” […]

Silvia Taylor: Elegance in a Hot Shop

Gritty craftsmanship underpins Silvia Taylor’s elegantly finished glass works. Her artistry relies on electroplating, engraving and metal surfacing. -Journey Vessels, Blown/engraved glass with copper surface. 2011 The ‘sculptural object’ at the top of this post, part of her Ogee series, is formed of glass, copper electroplated surface, and […]

Through the Shredder: Scribbled Line People

The Scribbled Line Portraits of illustrator Ayaka Ito and programmer Randy Church began as a class assignment before the stunning digital photography innovation came to public attention at a Toronto FITC workshop. The series showing shredded human bodies integrated 3D and programming for a project with a three-day […]