Famous Artists: What the Studio Tells

This famous shot by Jerome Brierre for Getty Images shows Pablo Picasso in his studio with movie star Brigitte Bardot during the 1956 International Cannes film festival.  Studios can provide a glimpse into the artist’s persona. The evidence of his almost maniacal creativity litters the room, with a […]

Tim Storrier’s Histrionic Wayfarer

Renowned artist Tim Storrier is the winner of this year’s Archibald prize, Australia’s most famous art award, now in its 91st year. His winning work, called The Histrionic Wayfarer (After Bosch) is a self-portrait without a face and was inspired by a Hieronymus Bosch painting.  Read more here.

Katja Van den Enden: The Sheen of Imagination

Katja Van den Enden’s mixed media works have the sheen of innovative artistry.  Strong technique, the creative fusion of acrylics & resin and imaginative themes that include cellular patterns are her hallmarks. –Connection, Acrylics/Resin, 12″x12″ Her works (literally) shine, to the point that Van den Enden says she […]

Amela Subasic’s Fresh, Layered Nudes

The lively lines and bold colors of Amela Subasic’s paintings, drawings and collages give her work a contemporary sensuality. (Above: Daydreaming, Collage, Ink, and Acrylic on Paper) Subasic’s nudes attract the eye with strong contours and the juxtaposition of items collaged into place: a plate of oranges, newspaper, […]

Trayvon Tribute Art is Everywhere

Street artist Justin Nether created this tribute mural of  Trayvon Martin in Baltimore, with the Skittles the Florida teenager had gone to the store for superimposed in the lower right-hand corner. It’s one of dozens of pieces of art circulating now amid widespread protests over the case. (Handout […]