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Quick Hits – Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, has been turned into a full-scale interactive art installation by artist Matthew-Robin Nye, a doctoral candidate in Concordia’s Humanities program. Nye’s exhibit Goodnight Moon: a Rhythm, a Tempo, was commissioned by Joel Mason (Humanities PhD ’21) for the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre and […]

Quick Hits – Finding Fakes

Maud Lewis has become a revered Canadian artist but her folk art works are now so popular that forgers have become a risk. (Above: Sandy Cove in Autumn ) The CBC has just published a fascinating piece on the risks of forgery for Lewis’s paintings, with info on […]

Quick Hits – Motion

Curators are endlessly creative in searching their collections for themes, as the National Gallery of Canada shows in its latest exhibition collated to “celebrate the expressive energy of the human body.” Movement – Expressive Bodies in Art – runs through Feb 26, 2023. (Photo credits at end of […]

Quick Hits – Her Flesh

The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Her Flesh exhibition – on through March 23, 2023 – is an installation of 16 works from the gallery’s collection that invite visitors to “consider how modern and contemporary women artists have used their intimate knowledge of their own bodies to inform their […]

Mel Gausden: Freshened Landscapes

Emerging artist Mel Gausden gives landscape painting a contemporary freshness with bold highlights and markers of Canadiana. The Toronto artist says the neon silhouettes and brightly hued accents in her works “take reference from pre-set Instagram camera filters, fashion and consumer trends.”

Jenn Thornhill Verma: Newfoundland Outports

NOTE: This piece is from the Art Junkie archives, reposted because the serene images remind us of the stark difference in so many Newfoundland outposts after Hurrican Fiona in late 2022. Jenn Thornhill Verma is a writer, artist and Newfoundlander descended from fishers, with a book about the […]