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Ceramics: The Artifacts Series

Kenneth Baskin’s inspired mechanical objects are artifacts, derived from the advent of the industrial revolution.  The works may look like metal, but are almost entirely ceramic.  Baskin says our industrial roots are a starting point for explorations of form and motion in the Technological Age.    (Above: Relation, soda […]

Cristina Cordova’s Extraordinary Sculptures

The Racine Art Museum debuts Cristina Cordova’s sculpture Tiempo sin Memoria (Time without Memory), which has just entered the museum’s collection.  There’s an excellent synopsis of Cordova’s background and an explanation of her work on the museum site. These are just a few examples of her stunning, elegant […]

Magdolene Dykstra’s Burdened Figures

Magdolene Dykstra’s ceramic figures have captured considerable attention as this artist’s craft has matured. Recently returned from a year-long residency in the U.K., she explores the conflict between hope and despair. Her childishly proportioned figures, often disturbing, bear the burdens of life’s griefs. (Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition / […]

Kathy Ruttenberg: Tales of the Earth

Earth Day is appropriate timing for a look at ceramic artist Kathy Ruttenberg’s edgy sculptures. Her solo exhibition, The Earth Exhales, is on at Stux Gallery in New York through May 5. Ruttenberg’s tales in clay are enchanted, full of lush foliage, fantastical creatures and symbolic scenarios. ” […]

Surprises & Wonder: Megan Bogonovich

Megan Bogonovich says she tells stories in her ceramic sculptures, tales of “unusual growths, curious routes, unlikely pairings, strange predicaments, surprises and wonder, comfort in the unlikely.” “My sculptures combine naturalistic and abstracted imagery to suggest the possibility of the real and the imagined cohabitating, a whimsical reality.  […]

Fantastical creatures, a little like Manga

Ceramic artist Grace Eunmi Lee focuses on the unnoticed details of everyday life by fashioning curious shapes that represent microscopic dust. (Click on the image above for a close-up view) “Her fantastical creatures are reminiscent of manga or folkloric characters and give shape to that which is overlooked […]