Tag: Mixed media

Laura Mitrow’s Natural Structures

Artist Laura Mitrow’s works reference natural structures such as antlers, bone, corals, shells and crustaceans. Her abstract constructions bridge the organic and inorganic worlds and merge life with art.  (Above: From an exhibition at Art Mûr gallery in Montreal) Abstracted Crustacean Study 2, Bronze, Patina Organic Structure 5, […]

A Bit of Town & A Bit of Country

Toronto artist Rob Croxford opens Town & Country at Hangman Gallery this week through  Aug 5, showcasing his collage-like mixed media with its vintage poster art look.  Croxford juxtaposes retro-styled imagery with urban and rural landscapes and uses humorous wordplay to tackle environmental and sociopolitical issues. Rob Croxford’s […]

Hawksley: Excavated Stories

Muskoka-based artist Beverley Hawksley’s imaginative mixed media works have a strong narrative quality that encourages remembrances. But they also tell their own stories. (Above: Gathering at the Water, Below: Pinkie Swear) Have a look at her website, here. Hawksley says stories are important to her, “the ones we […]

Alexey Luka: Graffiti to Canvas & Collage

Moscow-based Alexey Luka began as a graffiti writer 10 years ago, and today has emerged as a stylish abstract and mixed-media artist who still uses walls, but relies more on found wood panels and canvas. Luka is an illustrator and graphic designer, with shows such as Faces & […]

Katja Van den Enden: The Sheen of Imagination

Katja Van den Enden’s mixed media works have the sheen of innovative artistry.  Strong technique, the creative fusion of acrylics & resin and imaginative themes that include cellular patterns are her hallmarks. –Connection, Acrylics/Resin, 12″x12″ Her works (literally) shine, to the point that Van den Enden says she […]

Layering & Weaving: Paper Paintings

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson’s love of collage started with a scrapbox of mementos from childhood, triggering the journey to the works she does today from torn bits of hand-painted papers.  (Above, Jazz Singer) -Fine Feathers My technique has evolved as a result of experimentation with hand-painted, hand-made and […]