Tag: Mixed media

Mandy Stobo: ‘Bad Portraits’ & Mixed Media

Emerging artist Mandy Stobo has a double reputation. Her metier is these stunning street-art style mixed media works, which sell for up to $8,000. But she also has a skyrocketing business doing $100 “Bad Portraits,” garish watercolor paintings of basically anybody who asks.  (Above: I went to market […]

The Voyage: Identity and Displacement

The Voyage is a collection of 60 drawings done over two years (2010-11) exploring memory, identity and displacement and how  dreams, fables and stories capture essential truths and experiences. These works by U.K. artist Andrzej Jackowski are on exhibition through Oct. 2 at Purdy Hicks Gallery, London. Jackowski’s […]

Kelly Grace: Date Nights

Kelly Grace gets it absolutely right with Date Nights, her mixed media snapshots of the intimate moments leading up to going out. The poignant, realistic mini-portraits are among work that includes a series on faces and pinups, as well as still life paintings. (See end of the post […]

Sonja Kobrehel: Personal Iconography

Vancouver-based artist Sonja Kobrehel likes to use symbols in her colorful creations. She works in collage, media on paper and canvas “mixing everything possible together, with much attention given to the surface texture by carving, scratching and gluing.” Each Kobrehel work is a “personal iconography. The symbols are […]

Shaun Morin: Alternate Realities

Shaun Morin – also known by the street name the slomotion – has a wide range of work, from oil paintings on canvas to mixed media on paper, to hand-made booklets and black & white zines.  (Above: Til Next Time) “Morin layers together witty and imaginative ensembles of […]