Tag: New York

Barbara Kassel: Interior Diaries

From her loft in New York City,  Barbara Kassel paints interiors in oil, creating a visual diary of daily life.  Kassel pays particular attention to the small details of inhabitation: Toppled teacups, half-completed crossword puzzles, open paint boxes and favorite paintings abound – the artist’s world in motion.  […]

Patrick Lundeen’s Mad Masks

Canadian artist Patrick Lundeen’s first New York City solo exhibition is on now at Mike Weiss Gallery.  Good For You Son  pulls myriad objects—flags, rugs, posters, keyboards, grocery store dailies and magazine pages—into cohesive works resembling  masks. (Above: Three Headed Woman, 2012, Acrylic on linen with hair 93 x […]

Wijnanda Deroo’s New York Eateries

Wijnanda Deroo does interiors – restaurants, bedrooms, the insides of public buildings, homes, factories, hotels. Her evocative series, Inside New York Eateries, at Robert Mann Gallery, was an important addition to the photographic history of New York. Some are well-known icons. (Above: Relish, 225 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn) The […]

Will Kurtz Sculpts Ordinary People

Will Kurtz turns newspaper into ordinary New Yorkers going about their daily tasks. The former landscape architect sculpts over wood and wire to reflect characters he captures surreptitiously on his iPhone around New York. Earlier this year, he enlarged his following with an exhibition at Mike Weiss Gallery […]

Charming Soap Doll Story

Hayelin Choi created this detailed story to the music of Soap Doll, by the Korean group Carnival.  The candy pop tempo matches the lovely pace of her tale.   (Listen to the music on video, end of this post) Choi is a junior in illustration at the School […]

Carlos Vega Channels Latticed Lead

Carlos Vega uses large-scale lead plates, stamps, oil paint and collage in new works that reference the traditional latticed screens of his native Melilla, a Spanish city in North Africa.  His solo exhibition Tearing & Lifting is on now at Jack Shainman Gallery in New York.  (Above: Not […]