Tag: oil painting

Ian McLean’s Misbehaving Modernist Oils

Ian McLean’s mid-century modernist oils are claiming attention.  The Sarnia, Ontario high school art teacher has an exhibition-filled C.V.  and a way with paint that marks him as a talent to watch. His imagery has a 1960s feel but his color palette is more pop art/post impressionistic.

The Mysteries of Alice Brasser

There’s something wonderfully mysterious about Alice Brasser’s paintings, from their composition, to the stories that come unprompted to a viewer’s mind. The Netherlands-based artist says she feels the need to transform reality, in particular with colors, which always seem just one degree off.  She has an uncanny ability […]

Zoya Taylor: Misfits and Waifs

Jamaican-Canadian artist Zoya Taylor’s paintings cover a collection of misfit characters in situations that speak to universal themes of pride and hurt, humor and love. (Above: Family Phobia) She has a new exhibit at Toronto’s Spence Gallery, which specializes in contemporary expressions of Caribbean, Latin and African culture. […]

Flight Paths and Roadside Billboards

There’s something almost peaceful in Randy Hryhorczuk’s art about flight.  The color charged sky diverts the eye from the massive presence of the planes, mitigating the impact of such large aircraft on such low flight paths. I find it hard to take my eyes of these works, displayed […]