Tag: Painting

Gerard Gauci: An Operatic Mind

Toronto artist Gerard Gauci is widely known in Canada as a painter and set designer, especially for his still life paintings.  A 1982 graduate of  the Ontario College of Art and Design, he began his career as an illustrator and became a full-time painter in 1998. He has […]

Jason Yarmosky: Battered Body, Vibrant Soul

Jason Bard Yarmosky used his 84-year-old grandparents as models for this discomfiting series on the intersection of the battered body and the vibrant soul.  His solo “Elder Kinder” exhibition opens this week at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York.  (Above: The Sound of Silence; Below: Ballet) Yarmosky’s works […]

Michael Paul Miller: The Human Survival Instinct

Michael Paul Miller’s art explores the human ability to persevere, adapt and survive, especially when the path is perilous and the end is bleak.  (Above: The Calling, 2007) The Migration’ (above, 2011) is an example of the tenacious humans he paints. >My work explores the sublimity of existence […]

Takao Tanabe: ‘I’m a Grumpy Old Man’

A major retrospective on Takao Tanabe, one of  Canada’s most esteemed artists,  is open now at the Burnaby Art Gallery, with 60 works that have never been publicly viewed.  It runs through Jan. 22, 2012. Tanabe, 85 years old, is best known as a landscape painter and internationally […]