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Madness in Callon’s ‘Houses of Fiction’

Photo artist Julia Callon’s Houses of Fiction  is fascinating.  The series is a hybrid of  photography and small-scale models. Drawing on Victorian literature, the works reflect a woman’s ‘place’ in society, expressed through domestic spaces. Each story is a diptych. The first image represents the passive, obedient woman, the […]

Gray Malin: Bliss from the air

Gray Malin’s compelling photography began as a Los Angeles flea market venture. He captured attention in the celebrity and interior design circuit and now has a major fine art photo company.  A one-time aide to the president of Paramount Pictures, the young Hollywood-based artist shot these summer bliss […]

Succumbing to Sea & Sky

New York based artist Serge Hamad is best known as an activist who creates works to expose human-rights abuses, censorship, imprisonment, and persecution. But the Algeria-born Hamad makes room in his work for more light-hearted fare, including his Relax series of sun-soaked moments on Venice Beach. A veteran […]

Lizzie Vickery’s Photo Montages

Vancouver-born photo artist Lizzie Vickery does a wide variety of edgy work, including these engrossing montages. The London-based Ryerson University graduate also does exquisite miniatures (see those here). Lizzie Vickery’s website, here. These images are from Art Interiors, Toronto, here.

Hallbert: Photo Magic

Swedish artist Rebecka Hallbert charges ordinary scenes with such extraordinary colors, they seem to vibrate.  She says she colors her photographs (with chalk and watercolor) to both highlight and hide the original, and to “improve a memory, fill it with magic.” Rebecka Hallbert’s website, here. Her Facebook, here.

Zilberberg: Who is Alice?

Alice Zilberberg explores femininity through the image composites she creates of women characters in folklore, mythology and art history, especially in this dark series called the Death of Happily Ever After.  It’s part of Who is Alice, her solo show at Bezpala Brown Gallery in Toronto this month. […]