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The Critically Acclaimed Whimsy of Los Carpinteros

The Havana-based art collective Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters) has created some of the most important work to emerge from Cuba in the past decade. The duo merges architecture, design, and sculpture in unexpected and often humorous ways, as in these examples of their work. Los Carpinteros website, here. […]

Matt Heide: Paintings to touch and feel

Matt Heide wants you to touch his art, scrape your fingers across its rough surfaces, play with it a bit. The Edmonton industrial artist produces Concrete Tactile Paintings, created to stimulate the sense of vision and touch.He combines the texture and depth of sculpture with the color and […]

Sculpture: Tattooed Ballet Arms

Korean artist Min Jeong Seo molded these porcelain cast sculptures from the arms of professional ballet dancers. The pocelain arms in dancing position are painted with japanese Yakuza-style tattoo patterns. In the combination the two contrasting cliches open each other up. Like a real tattoo that lies under […]

Kathy Venter’s Terra Cottas

British Columbia-based Kathy Venter is internationally known for her life size ceramic sculptures. -Sun, terra cotta, gypsum cement & wood, 50x20x32″ She is currently working toward a major exhibition in 2013 at the prestigious Gardiner Museum of Contemporary Ceramics in Toronto, building upon her long-standing reputation for the […]

Andrew Bell’s Heroic Aeronaut

Andrew Bell’s 3D works in his ongoing, dystopian Moterwerks series are a captivating combo of mechanics, sculpture and mixed media. The Variant Series at the Ingram Gallery in Toronto focuses on Bell’s female aeronaut and characters in sculptural forms. (Above: Variant – station 1 (2011) 13.5 x 22.5 […]