Tag: sculpture

The Walking Strandbeest

Dutch artist Theo Jansen has spent 20 years perfecting these giant mechanical creatures called Strandbeests that can walk on their own. With skeletons fashioned from lightweight PVC tubes, wind propels their wing-like sails, which then drives their feet to walk sideways.

Romance Novels & Chewing Gum

Artist John Salvest believes the world’s beauty, courage, sadness and absurdity are reflected in ordinary things. Which is why he’s spent his career turning junk into thought-provoking sculptures and installations. (Above: Forever, 2013, Secondhand Romance Novels, 74 x 210 x 4.5″ / Left: Detail of Forever)

Ceramics informed in the Himalayas

Heidi McKenzie’s story is as interesting as her ceramic sculptures. Five years ago, at mid-life, she rekindled a childhood passion for clay and took a residency at the foothills of the Himalayas in India with Mansimran Singh, student of iconic British potter, Bernard Leach.