Quick Hits: Documentary Lyle XOX

This LGBTQ documentary delves into the life and past of Lyle XOX, the Canadian artist who has become an international sensation by using his face as a canvas. He was featured here on The Art Junkie earlier this summer.

A still from the documentary, courtesy BOLDLY

“From humble beginnings in rural Saskatchewan and a quiet life in Vancouver, to two windows in Bergdorf Goodman! Lyle XOX is entering a world beyond his creative imagination,” says BOLDLY, the film’s Vancouver production company. “Now with150,000 followers on Instagram including Cher, Boy George, Fabien Baron and Beth Ditto, Lyle XOX is being invited to collaborate with musicians, photographers and fashion designers all over the world.”

Watch the trailer (above). You can view the entire documentary on the CBC online site, GEM. This is the link to the full documentary on GEM.

Previous Art Junkie post on Lyle XOX here.

Lyle XOX (Lyle Reimer) Instagram, here.

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