Favorite Canadian Artists

These images (from the banner across the top) are from my favorite Canadian artists, although there are many great artists of every type featured on this site, all worthy of your attention.


1. Lawren Harris (Group of Seven) : Lake Superior Sketch

More on Lawren Harris, on Canadian Art Junkie, here and here.

Read the GnM piece on the 2016 Harris exhibition, curated by Steve Martin, here.

Lawren Harris at the National Gallery of Canada, here.

* * *

2. William Kurelek: Snowballs

More on Kurelek’s winter scenes, on Canadian Art Junkie, here.

An exceptional online exhibit on Kurelek’s life and art, here.

See a gallery of some of Kurelek’s paintings, here.

* * *

3. Tom Thomson (Group of Seven) : Clouds (The Zeppelins)

More on Thomson on Canadian Art Junkie here and here.

At the National Gallery of Canada, here.

* * *

4.  Jean-Paul Lemieux: Nineteen Ten Remembered

Sold for $2.34 million, 2011

At the National Gallery of Canada, here.

* * *

5. Kenojuak Ashevak: Silver Owl

Scroll through this Inuit Art Foundation list of “30 Ways to Describe an Owl, according to Kenojuak Ashevak

All her elegant owls are in that article

The pioneering Inuit printmaker was a national treasure who died in 2013.

At the National Gallery of Canada, here.

My personal favourite is Enchanted Owl,  the most famous of Kenojuak’s endlessly inventive birds.

* * *

6.  Robert Bateman: Along the Ridge / Grizzly Bears

Canada’s pre-eminent wildlife artist, here.

A good profile of the artist and The Robert Bateman Centre, here.

* * *

7.  Jean Paul Riopelle: Anticosti 11

He put Canada on the international art map.

More at the National Gallery of Canada, here.

* * *

8. Michael Snow: Walking Women (one of many versions)

See more about Snow on Canadian Art Junkie here and here.

At the National Gallery of Canada, here.

His obituary (cbc) here

* * *

9. Emily Carr: Above the Gravel Pit

A superb profile on Emily Carr on the Musings From the Studio blog of Linda Cote, here.

At the National Gallery of Canada, here.

Canada’s Knowledge Network (based in B.C.) has a great, no-commercial biography on Emily Carr, free to stream with the quick setup of a no obligation account, here.

* * *

10. Alex Colville: To Prince Edward Island

A revered, iconic painter of ordinary lives, Colville died in 2013.

His obituary, here.

The official Colville website, here.


1. Woman on Ramp, 2007

2. Church and Horse, 1964

3. To Prince Edward Island, 1965

4. Berlin Bus, 1978

5. Pacific, 1967

6. Family and Rainstorm, 1955

7. Departure, 1962

8. Hound in Field, 1958

9. Man on Verandah, 1953

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  1. Now I REALLY want to get to Canada again.. I was lucky enough to happen to be in Vancouver years ago when the Carr/Kahlo/O’Keefe exhibit was there.. oh what an incredible experience that was. I had never really heard of Emily Carr, but got addicted immediately.. . I adored “The Forest Lover” by Susan Vreeland.


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