Alex Andreyev: Digital Surrealism

There’s something almost comforting in the surreal art of Alex Andreyev, as if some of the normalcy of life today would be sustained in his imagined future worlds.   (Above: Late, Below: Crossing)

I like the contrasts in Andreyev’s extensive fantasy portfolio, such as the near utopia called Trailing Gardens (below) against the encroaching evil in many of his works.

In Andreyev’s  “Separate Reality”  series, love abides, work goes on, pets get walked and the regularized motion of  daily life  continues, despite surrounding darkness.

Andreyev lives Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He’s been drawing, painting and doing graphic design for 20 years and now is creating the concept art for the Kin-Dza-Dza animation movie.  His website is here.  He’s on Behance, here.

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  1. This stuffy is very interesting. I like the one of the girl holding the floating boats. Pretty cool. Gives me some good ideas for some of my own books I’m writing. 🙂


  2. Arrested by the first and second-last image because the vehicles look perfectly as if they belong in the sky…if they are paintings they’re flawlessly done. Also the spider being taken for a walk is very successfully alien and tender, what a mind.


    • That’s true about the vehicles belonging in the sky. It isn’t the least bit jarring, is it? Yes, they are digital paintings, although I think a lot of his early work more than a decade ago was traditional painting. Also love the alien and tender description, because that’s just exactly how it looks.


    • Your comment was a good prompt: I agree on Miyazaki now that I’ve looked him up! That’s why I love responses. I always learn something. (And although I didn’t know his name as a director, I sure do know Totoro and Princess Mononoke) Anyway, thanks.


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