Fiber and Paper

Jacob Hashimoto’s Kite-Like Tapestries


Jacob Hashimoto is on a slew of favorites lists for The Armory Show, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.  The Colorado-born, New York artist uses traditional Japanese methods to create large-scale “tapestries” out of thousands of pieces of hand crafted paper and wood.


Each work is comprised of hundreds of small bamboo and paper kite-like elements strung together in chains. Then layers of these chains are stretched between short dowels that project from wall-mounted brackets.


“The elements forming these tapestries are a solid color of paper, or a complex, collaged pattern of multicolored cut paper,” Hashimoto’s artist statement says. “While the individual components remain more or less abstract, overall, clusters of pattern, stripes, or waves of color are formed, giving the works a pictorial quality that suggests organic forms, vistas, scrolling video games, or even board games.”





Jacob Hashimoto’s website, here.

A selection of his works on Artsy, here.

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