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Jacob Hashimoto’s Kite-Like Tapestries

Jacob Hashimoto is on a slew of favorites lists for The Armory Show, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.  The Colorado-born, New York artist uses traditional Japanese methods to create large-scale “tapestries” out of thousands of pieces of hand crafted paper and wood.

Jonathan Lasker’s edgy playfulness

Jonathan Lasker is in his 60s now and so well established for a unique combination of sophistication and playfulness that his paintings easily command six figures plus. (Below: Pride of Being, 1993. $300,000, at the Armory Show, Cheim and Read.  Above: When Dreams Work, 1992.) “Lasker doesn’t waste […]

‘Graceful Arcs and Looped Lines’

Jorinde Voigt’s math and science based work got a lot of attention at The Armory Show in New York, the city where she is also having her U.S. debut this year at David Nolan Gallery in Chelsea. The German artist’s drawings (above, from her blog)  echo the grammatical […]