Textile Art

Robert Davidovitz: Woven Paint

Artist Robert Davidovitz’s amazing work is a combination of paint and hand-weaving. He extrudes strands of acrylic paint that – when dry – are woven like thread.  The geometric textiles pop with color and texture. Have a look at his full portfolio, here.

-From an interview with World of Threads Festival

Robert Davidovitz C.V. here.

A good piece about Davidovitz on Huffington Post, here.

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      • Oh, I’ll stop in and see it. It’s just up the street from my hood. I get a couple extra days off next week due to actor availability issues, and I’ll try and treat myself then. I’m trying to write a new post, but I’m absolutely wiped out as we hit mid project. I can’t seem to get further than the corner store.


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