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Pop Goes the Prairie

David Thauberger’s Road Trips and Other Diversions is on exhibit at the Glenbow in Calgary, with a selection of familiar prairie settings. In his vision, “the vernacular architecture of the prairies bursts with pop art iridescence.”

On In Calgary: How the Wind Blows

  Barbara Sutherland’s Slip – on through Feb. 24 in Calgary – explores the intangible form of the wind. She works with cloth and sculpture to help us understand how we feel the wind on skin, how we hear it and how we see it blowing objects. She’s at […]

Mandy Stobo: ‘Bad Portraits’ & Mixed Media

Emerging artist Mandy Stobo has a double reputation. Her metier is these stunning street-art style mixed media works, which sell for up to $8,000. But she also has a skyrocketing business doing $100 “Bad Portraits,” garish watercolor paintings of basically anybody who asks.  (Above: I went to market […]

Barbara Hirst: Absorbed by Water

Alberta artist Barbara Hirst has been absorbed by water all her life.  Her fixation on reflective illusion is present in all her works, often painted in far-flung locales from Ireland to Venice. -Liquid State, 2010 -Burano, 2011 – From a series painted in Venice To gaze at a […]