Category: Installation

Quick Hits – Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, has been turned into a full-scale interactive art installation by artist Matthew-Robin Nye, a doctoral candidate in Concordia’s Humanities program. Nye’s exhibit Goodnight Moon: a Rhythm, a Tempo, was commissioned by Joel Mason (Humanities PhD ’21) for the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre and […]

Kinetic Round Table

Korean artist Choe U-Ram’s kinetic installation is mesmerizing. Round Table is supported on the backs of 18 slouching, headless figures made from fake straw, which rise and lower from the knees as a head on top of the table rolls with them. The artist set the figures in […]

Quick Hits – Motion

Curators are endlessly creative in searching their collections for themes, as the National Gallery of Canada shows in its latest exhibition collated to “celebrate the expressive energy of the human body.” Movement – Expressive Bodies in Art – runs through Feb 26, 2023. (Photo credits at end of […]

Quick Hits: The Moon

One of U.K. artist Luke Jerram’s enormous sculpted moons is up for exhibition at Toronto’s Bentway, a 1.75-kilometre public space and outdoor gallery running under the city’s downtown Gardiner Expressway.  Museum of the Moon is a group of touring works by Jerram, already presented in dozens of cities […]

The Warmth of Other Suns

This is a still from Adrian Paci’s video, “Centro di permanenza temporanea” (Temporary Detention Center), showing men and women from Latin America getting ready to board a plane that never arrives. It’s part of a major exhibition on migration on now in the U.S.