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Sketchbook Saturday – Detail, Detail

Source I am always amazed by how much an artist can include in a beautiful spread like this without ruining the aesthetic or making the pages too crowded to appreciate. A skill for certain, present in all these sketchbooks. The crisp symmetry of this stunning sketch is unique. […]

Sketchbook Saturday – Originals

These sketchers have included photos of their original subject, so it’s easy to see how their artist eye interpreted. From Flickr, here. Urban Sketcher Sílvia Oliveras Canals was doing an exercise in sketching vignettes with this book. Lots of original scene interpretation examples on the site of an […]

Sketchbook Saturday – Post-Its

Ricky Wilson-Cloot, (better known as Ricky Trickartt), is a busy, well-known graphic artist based in London. His sensational idea of using Post-it notes in a sketchbook is today’s inspiration.  “My ideas usually begin on Post-It notes,” he says and he uploads a new note to his Instagram every […]

Sketchbook Saturday – Péah

Montreal-based Pierre-Antoine “Péah” Moelo works in the animation industry as a visual development artist, with a long list of movies that include the Spongebob and Playmobil productions. His fantastical sketchbooks are where the concepts begin: “Most of my illustrations and speedpaintings start with a graphite sketch somewhere in […]