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Quick Hits: Janet Panabaker

Glass artist Janet Panabaker creates trompe-l’oeil mixed-media sculptural still lifes, like Party Plate, found in her Donut Misunderstand Me series. She’s one of more than 300 artists included in this year’s Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, coming up July 12-14.

The Art of Plating

What artistry, with plates. It’s Easter Week, a time when tables for many people groan with family. Exquisite plating technique is not something most of us will concentrate upon. But there are many on Instagram and elsewhere whose duty it is to show us how.  Artisans, every one […]

Lauren Ko: The Art of Pies

You may already have heard of Lauren Ko, the maker of pies that are works of art.  But if you have not, she is a current sensation, on Instagram, on TV, in podcasts and live on the web. She’s a master of pie art, and her creations are […]

Art of the Noodle

Who would have thought the instant noodles we’re all familiar with could turn up as art.  This Yokohama museum celebrates the iconic noodle cup in a series of  galleries. The museum is a tribute to Momofuku Ando, who revolutionized eating customs all

Sandwich Bag Dad

Graphic designer David LaFerriere has drawn more than 1,800 of these illustrations on his children’s sandwich lunch bags since 2008 and has millions of views on the Flickr stream where they’re all logged. The Kritzels, the characters he draws in marker, are creatures of love, friendship and trust.