Adrian Williams: ‘Unrolled Telescopes’

Hamilton native Adrian Williams, an original member of Winnipeg’s Royal Art Lodge, usually draws on paper or wood and uses collage, paint, varnish and other miscellaneous material. Like many of the Lodge’s members, Williams normally incorporates a variety of media into his work, including found objects and consumer waste.

But his newest work, “New Drawings/Unrolled Telescopes” at Toronto’s Angell Gallery, reverts to the traditional medium of ink and paper in medieval-inspired paintings. (Click an image for title / detail)

Drawing inspirations from early 20th century prints and diagrams, vintage circus posters as well as theatre and simple urban meandering, the resulting images depict the surreal and ambiguous tales of characters caught in unusual predicaments. –Exhibition notes

Below: Williams’ previous collage style, Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montreal.

A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Williams has spent time producing work in Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles and Winnipeg. He is now based in Berlin, Germany.  More about his new work, here.

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