Ian McLean’s Misbehaving Modernist Oils


Ian McLean’s mid-century modernist oils are claiming attention, this time as a feature pick by Saatchi Online.  The Sarnia, Ontario high school art teacher has an exhibition-filled C.V.  and a way with paint that marks him as a talent to watch. His imagery has a 1960s feel but his color palette is more pop art/post impressionistic.


I choose to paint with oil.  It is fluid and messy and it often does not behave.  It is a rather serious medium with an enormous history but I like to coax and cajole and use it to render images that are at once irreverent and laden with serious subtext. –Artist statement





Ian McLean’s website, here.

Loop Gallery in Toronto, here.


There are 5 comments

    1. boomerontario

      That’s a difficult palette, no? Takes a lot of skill. A Globe & Mail critic a few years ago loved McLean’s work but said the works looked like they’d been “dipped in acid.”


      1. anngrafics

        I should show you the blanket for my bed that I’m knitting right now – lots of these colors. Thank God the lights are out when we sleep or I’d never drift off – LOL!


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