Digital Art

Rafael Ochoa’s Digital Marionettes

Rafael Ochoa’s expertise is illusion. In form and texture, these marionettes appear created but are in fact digitally produced. Ochoa is one of nine artists featured at Angell Gallery who are at the forefront of contemporary digital art. The exhibition, called Simulators, is part of the Toronto gallery’s ongoing focus on this new medium.

Using software with the dexterity with which painters traditionally wielded the brush, the artists in Simulators create digital paintings, videos and animations that intrigue, inspire and engage. The featured artists are each recognized for their unique contributions to this developing medium – Exhibition notes

Rafael Ochoa has a BFA in Photography from OCAD University and an MFA in Visual Arts from York University (2012).

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  1. Funny what Resa said because marionettes (and clowns) are creepy to me too – LOL! But what is amazing is that they are digital. I swear they’re carved, multi-dimensional.


    • What a fascinating batch of comments. Resa and Anngrafics – I get it. Marionettes and those clappy mouths and billowing arms! And yes, they really are dark works, I agree. Terribly unusual as well. Oh what we reveal through art!


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