Sketchbook Saturday

Sketchbook Saturday – Vintage Alphabet

Talk about creative upcycling. Illustrator and writer Sammy Savos repurposed a vintage address book for these detailed sketches and collages, each one matched to the letter on the tab (as in T for Treat, above)

Savos is a storyboard artist who has worked on shows at Cartoon Network, Titmouse Inc., and ShadowMachine. She is actually on her second alphabet sketchbook, this one the smallest so far. (See the blank book here

Savos says the mini-book is fragile, requiring her to be especially careful when collaging. But that’s OK because “the best ones are so old they threaten to fall apart in your hands.” (Click images to enlarge, double click to zoom)

See her Instagram @Hamotzi for more examples of her inventive eye, as in J for Jigsaw.

Based in Burbank, California, Savos is currently working on a graphic novel titled The Girl Who Sang: A Holocaust Memoir of Hope and Survival to be published in 2024. See more on her website, here.

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