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Danny Gregory: The Art of Breakfast

It’s time to re-appreciate Danny Gregory, an artist, author, illustrator, speaker, podcaster, teacher and mainline, all-round popular celeb. He has a WordPress blog, a website you can easily get lost in, an Instagram account (of course: @dannyobadiah) and assorted social media.  But the best way to get to know […]

Sketchbook Saturday: Travel

Sketchbooks filled while on the road often are really souvenirs, full of stories and memories to savour,  rather than just good art. I love the narratives and quirky observations of sketch travelers. Gerard Darris was in the French alps when he stopped to sketch a herd of cows […]

Sketchbook Saturday: Summer

I have enjoyed the sketches of Italian artist Angela Maria Russo for many years and today, when it’s still so gray and cold outside, I remembered this uplifting summer drawing.  Her sketchbooks are full of gems.  Visit her blog, here.