From the Canoe – Encaustic

The Victoria Day weekend (on now) is when Canadians traditionally bring out canoes and resume their love affair with a craft that is an essential part of the country’s history. The entrancing view from the water was the impetus for Josy Britton’s Paddle and Portage exhibition at Roberts Gallery in Toronto.

Homage to Monet, 23.50 x 47.38 in., encaustic on panel

“While paddling, observing the dance of light and shadow on the water lilies, I was struck by their waxy appearance and decided to paint them in wax, encaustics,” Britton says.

Twisted Sisters, 2023, 24 x 24 in. / encaustic on panel

“I enjoy the mixture of complete control and movement when the colours are fused together.  A final layer of uncoloured wax helps create the feeling of water.” In a canoe, there is also the view straight up, after a portage.

In Her Hand, 2023, 48 x 60 in. / encaustic on panel

“Carrying a canoe overhead restricts the view to just beyond one’s feet,” she says.  “When I finally lay the canoe down at the water’s edge I am free to look up and am immediately humbled by the beauty of an old growth tree. “

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