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Missing Summer? Try These Shots

“Coney Island : Paradise at the end of New York”  by Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang This series is a collaboration between visual artists Mijoo Kim and Minjin Kang, a creative duo who have been inspiring and influencing each other since their Master’s program.

Elizabeth Lennie: Liquid Landscapes

Toronto actress and artist Elizabeth Lennie captures the fluidity of summer in these evocative works. She creates primarily with oil on canvas, layering thin washes with thicker impasto, occasionally working on wood panel and incorporating cold wax and graphite.

Gray Malin: Bliss from the air

Gray Malin’s compelling photography began as a Los Angeles flea market venture. He captured attention in the celebrity and interior design circuit and now has a major fine art photo company.  A one-time aide to the president of Paramount Pictures, the young Hollywood-based artist shot these summer bliss […]