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Public Art: Street Mural Style

That’s one of the principals of Gyva Grafika Studio in front of a work called “Domino.”  He’s not actually stepping on concrete tablets. It’s a mural created by the design team that re-faces abandoned or deteriorating buildings in Lithuania and other parts of Europe.

Public Art: Iconic MegaMurals

The border city of Windsor is the site of the National Mural Symposium 2012, a professional development gathering for mural artists, public art consultants and creative developers of community space. This year’s keynote is by Philadelphia-based Meg Saligman, creator of some of the world’s most iconic murals. Philadelphia’s […]

Sweet Street Art: Sugar Murals

Montreal artist Shelley Miller creates intricate murals with sugar icing and edible paint applied like cake frosting, with a piping bag and tip. The street art starts out solid, but eventually disintegrates or washes away in the rain. The installation above – called Stained – in Victoria, B.C., […]