Tag: urban landscapes

Stewart Jones: Urban Light & Shadows

Toronto artist Stewart Jones paints the light and shadows of the urban environment, spotlighting the angles and spaces of buildings and streetscapes.  He’s in a group exhibition of the Canadian Art Collective through Nov 30, 2012. “I am interested in what happens in shadows. How the cityscapes cut […]

Michael Cho: Alleys & Urban Landscapes

Award winning artist and illustrator Michael Cho has been painting the back alleys and inconspicuous locations around his Toronto home since 2006. Earlier this year these works were collected and published into his new book: Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes (Montréal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2012). Born in Seoul, […]

The Urban Aftermath

When I think of a post-apocalyptic world, it’s usually based on images from favorite books, like Stephen King’s The Stand, an epic about a bacterial warfare experiment gone wrong.  In a time when only a handful of people survive, the buildings tilt, decay and become overgrown.  These illustrations […]