Photoshop Controversy: Anne of Green Gables

The way Anne of Green Gables looks is such a part of Canadian culture that the photoshopping of a U.S. poster for the new Netflix version of the story has triggered controversy.

Complaints blew up on social media after a Twitter user pointed out differences in posters done for Canada and the U.S.  The key objection is the American Anne has been drained of characteristics that make Anne Shirley and her story so beloved here.

“On the poster, meant to promote the show to American audiences ahead of its online release on May 12, actress Amybeth McNulty’s skin has been altered to look less freckly — freckles are one of Anne’s defining features — and more tanned,” the Toronto Star wrote.

“The new poster, on which Anne appears bathed in golden light in the middle of a field, appears to eliminate the bags under McNulty’s eyes and alter Anne’s signature buck teeth,” the Star said. There’s been no reply from Netflix as yet to the extensive media coverage of the complaints.

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  1. I really like the golden color on the right but…. the poster looks so plane and emotionless. There’s nothing going on there. The Canadian version looks so much more realistic and raw in a wonderful way; you can see suffering, hope and a bit of happiness in Anne’s eyes all at once whereas in the other version she just looks like a “pretty empty zombie”. You truly see her feelings and her longing for something in the Canadian version. It’s a shame America didn’t get that and transport that beauty into their poster.


  2. I really prefer ~ less photoshopping of photography ~ and well ~ America does not always know best and we have so recently found out in the 45h that we have ~
    Wonderful blog ~ thanks ~ glad to meet someone who seems ‘like minded’ and creative besides !

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    • Thank you for your kind words, and your perspective on the photoshopping. It’s a fascinating issue, getting bigger all the time. Lovely to meet you as well.


  3. Americans are addicted to contoured faces in their commercial images. On models, celebrities, even politicians. Ever notice Donald Trump’s makeup? He doesn’t appear without it.

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  4. Haven’t you noticed. American’s lie about everything. We can’t believe each other any longer, so why should this be any different. I’d apologize for the entire country but it won’t change anything. Don’t believe anything the country says.

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  5. Well, this is a slap in our Canadian culture’s face.
    It’s also an ill comment on what Netflix thinks Americans want female beauty to be. Sadder, Netflix is probably right.

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