War & Remembrance


As Remembrance Day (and Veterans Day in the U.S.) approaches I was taken by this post from a long-time colleague about this work by Canadian artist Alex Colville.

Craig Macinnis, a Toronto writer and former film critic, says he “can’t think of anyone who has captured war remembrance better than Colville did in this poignant smalltown tableau.”

Macinnis bought a framed print of this painting when he started working at the Winnipeg Free Press, 30 years ago. “At the time it was just a way of getting some art up on my bare apartment walls. Now, it’s the painting I always think of in these first chill days of November.”

See more about Colville on The Junkie’s favorite artists page, here.



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  1. Amazing painting! He painted my most favorite painting, ever, “Horse and Train” I stared at it until the gallery closed.


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