Why Apocalypse Art?


The Junkie’s section on doomsday art is here.


My interest in end-of-the-world themes began as a child, when we used to run home at night with our hands over our heads in case an ICBM from Russia landed on us. True.

Five families in our small enclave of southern Ontario homes built bomb shelters, including mine. The tension in my parents’ faces told me everything I needed to know about the threat of nuclear annihilation. We were too close to Detroit to feel safe. (Illustration: Feral, John Scott)

Since then, I’ve devoured (good) post-apocalyptic fiction and kept abreast of trends in survivalism. I don’t have a particular belief about what will or won’t happen, I’m just fascinated by the topic. This category focuses on paintings, illustration, photography and other visual arts as a viewfinder for all things apocalyptic.

My Top 3 Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Novels

The Stand is an epic saga, Lucifer’s Hammer has a realistic plot and Swan Song is total fantasy.

What do you think?

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